Trying to win your disability case can very stressful. This is especially true if you are attempting to be awarded your disability benefits on your own. In most cases, it is very beneficial to hire an attorney who specializes in disability cases to increase the chances of winning. These are some benefits of hiring a long-term disability lawyer.

Professional Guidance

Disability attorneys are well educated and experienced in the laws concerning whether a person is eligible for long term or short term disability. Even before you file your claim, it is a good idea to consult with a disability attorney.  The attorney can advise you as to if your health condition is considered a disability by law or not. If you are eligible, he will advise you to file your claim and to contact him when you have received your initial decision. If your condition is not severe enough that it is normally considered a disability, the attorney will tell you this upfront so you do not waste your time filing a claim.

Assistance With Paperwork

If you do file for disability and are asked to provide further information, an attorney will assist you in gathering all the necessary paperwork. This involves contacting your physicians, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, and all other medical facilities that have provided care for you due to the specific condition that has made you disabled.

Collecting this evidence on your own can often seem very overwhelming. However, the attorney will know which information you need and what dates you should also provide to prove that you became disabled at the time you claim you did.

Support When You Are Denied

It is not uncommon to be denied at the initial application phase of filing for disability. Many people are denied more than once during the time they are trying to win their disability case. However, if you have an attorney representing you, he can look at why you were denied and tell you what additional evidence needs to be submitted to better prove you are truly disabled. 

If you are denied at both the initial application phase and the reconsideration phase, you will be required to go to court before the disability judge to prove your case. At this time, your attorney will be with you to help you convince the judge that you are unable to work. There may be several questions you need to answer for the judge. The attorney will help prepare you to answer these in the best way possible. He will also speak with the judge himself and give his reasoning as to why you should be awarded your disability benefits.

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